Our Story

As a little girl I had the honer of being co-raised by an incredible woman. My Gmum. Gmum was forward thinking and truly ahead of her time. She taught me to respect mother earth and from a young age ingrained in me a love for simple living and natural wellness. She would take me to clean trash and pick weeds from bus stops around our town. When we were sick she would hand us some garlic capsules, a hot cup of honey lemon tea and send us away for a nap. Vinegar and coconut oil were staples in our household and had many uses from cleaning to an array of health benefits. I am forever grateful for the knowledge she passed to me and hope to keep her passion alive with Moon Blanket. 

Many years have passed since Gmum raised me, and now I’m a mother to 3 beautiful children of my own. We love the outdoors, and live a very natural lifestyle similar to the one she showed me. One night as we laid out and stared up at the night sky together, my son River, who was about 3 at the time, told my husband and I “Mom, Dad, the sun is in the moon blanket”. We thought about this and laughed at what a brilliant and simple thought this was. In his innocent mind he wasn't looking up at the moon, a separate object from the sun, but was instead looking at the sun as it was dimmed by a moon blanket draped over and covering it. He and his sisters continue to be the inspiration for our mission, to support natural wellness by bringing healthy, clean remedies to families and little ones.